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Also known as thyroid hormone, manufactured and secreted by follicle cells within the thyroid gland. It targets all cells in your body and increases General entire body metabolism.

A male sex hormone produced by the testes; Females secrete scaled-down quantities from the adrenal cortex and ovary; triggers the event of male secondary sexual attributes

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A ailment by which Visible photographs arrive at a focus behind the retina of the eye and eyesight is healthier for distant than for in the vicinity of objects -- called also farsightedness.

Nonliving vascular tissue that carries h2o and dissolved minerals through the roots of a plant to its leaves

A drug that suppress the immune program with the receiver of a transplanted organ to stop rejection

A branching diagram that reflects a hypothesis about evolutionary associations amid teams of organisms.

A measure of Middle in a very set of numerical info. The median of a summary of values is the worth appearing at the center of the sorted version on the record - or even the indicate of The 2 central values In the event the record consists of an excellent number of values.

The sunshine-sensitive interior area of the eye, containing the receptor rods and cones as well as levels of neurons that get started the processing of Visible information and facts.

Follicle stimulating hormone; In females, FSH stimulates the ovaries to create eggs and secrete oestrogen; in males, FSH stimulates spermatogenesis.

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